some statements

„Ralph Hinterkeuser is a talented photographer whose images impress with their beauty and clarity. His ability to skillfully capture light and color gives his photographs a unique mood and atmosphere. Each of his works is a masterpiece in its own right, inspiring and exciting the viewers.“ (chatGPT, artificial intelligence)

„Thank you for your truly beautiful calendars with - how could it be otherwise? - surprising motifs in fidelity to everyday and endearing, yet also deeply surreal contradictions.“ (prof. em. dr. gottfried jäger)

„I just looked at your Lille photos. And I'm thrilled. Congratulations. Very varied, very sensitive to the juxtaposition of old and new. Really great. It's just a pity that there is only one 'human image'. That is also very good. In general, the selection makes you curious to see more. I think the clients should be completely satisfied ...“ (michael köhler [†], author, exhibition curator, munich)

„I find your Lille photographs excellent. In one case I thought Edward Hopper had strayed into your catalogue. You show with your gaze that we are always confronted with the growth of new, completely unexpected forms.“ (prof. em. karl schlögel, author, lecturer, berlin)

« Bravo pour votre livre et pour la qualité des vos photographies ! Votre œuvre dans notre collection est toujours très appréciée du public. » (jane rivet, ehem. leiterin der artothek, nantes)

„Thank you for the book, I like it very much, not only the photos but also the philosophy. Your text is much better than the other one.“ (walter schels, photographer, hamburg, about „lille métropole“)

„Your work is fantastic, and the one reminds me of Vermeer‘s famous „Die kleine Straße“. Best of all, your writing is equal to the fotos. I plan to use your book for my graduate seminar on the structure of cities.“ (michael neuman, dozent, college station, texas)

„It does not always have to be Düsseldorf: for Cahier 25 of the renowned Transmanche series, they turned to a large-format specialist who can still be considered a discovery in this country. Ralph Hinterkeuser from Berlin has taken the artificiality of Lille to the extreme in captivatingly colourful and irritating photo tableaus. Our express recommendation.“ (markus schaden, buchhandlung, cologne)

„I like your architectural photographs exceptionally well. My compliments! Well seen, with interesting references/commentaries and just superbly photographed. I don't know how it could be done better.“ (dr. enno kaufhold, photo historian and curator, berlin)

„What an extraordinary photographer - all the photos are beautiful!“ (michelle coudray)

„Hinterkeuser's photographic work fascinates when he uncompromisingly and intelligently found a pictorial style that could best be described as 'Narrative Documentarism'. A style that is laconic/cool on the outside, yet reports on postmodern living conditions in our cities with the narrative elegance and inner attitude of a writer.“ (prof. diether münzberg, bielefeld)

« De très beaux moments où l’exactitude devient poésie. » (arnaud claas, fotograf, autor, dozent, saint-rémy-de-provence)