I travelled to armenia in midsummer 2018 with a scholarship from the saxony-anhalt art foundation. the circumstances in the country are difficult, but everyone is making an effort. and things are getting better, if not in relative terms, then in absolute terms. here, as everywhere, the past is both a support and a burden, but here more than anywhere else.

„but my eye, obsessed with all that is strange, fleeting, and fast-moving, captured on the journey only the light-bringing tremor of coincidences, the plant ornament of reality ...“ _ from osip mandelstam's notebooks of his journey to armenia

three associative groups of pictures first approach the origins of armenia, then the everyday life of an almost rural capital district and finally the efforts of research and study:

past - from

present -here

future - there

for 2019 there was also a calendar with some of these pictures.