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new in 2023:

_ „mansfeld museumal“ is now on show at the werkleitz-festival 2023 "mein schatz" (although better viewed on any smartphone and preferably on a large pc monitor!). until the third weekend in june in a very worth seeing exhibition at a remarkable and historical location with a great catalogue book.

_ now online: photographic observations of museums, collections and accumulations, of exhibitions, presentations and displays and their conditions in my now not so new home: „mansfeld museumal“!

_ via midjourney, an AI (artificial intelligence), i have now asked the us painter andrew wyeth, who died in 2009, to paint copper miners at the end of their shift exclusively for me - a motif he never used throughout his life, now realised in his typical manner. will wyeth turn in his grave or rise again excited about the new possibilities?

_ another publication on „god's houses“ in „theo - Das unabhängige katholische Magazin“ 01/2023!

_ I have been appointed a full member of the German Society for Photography, DGPh!

_ who is decorating whom? fanny ardant, the great beauty (e.g. in françois truffaut's last film "on love and death", shot in 1983 by néstor almendros in beautiful b/w), can be seen here in any case in front of one of my venice pictures - incroyable! in december 2022 in paris shooting a film by benoît cohen, " ma france à moi " based on the novel of the same name:

_ another publication on „god's houses“ on „“!